Name : Mazin Qasim Mhalhal Al-Shamsi

Birth : Wasit 1972

Social status : married with 3 children

E.Mail : [email protected]

Academic degrees : phd. /university of Baghdad

Scientific surname:


Public specialization : political sciences

Accurate specialization : political sciences /international relations


  • Bachelor degree from the college of art/history /Basrah university 1992-1993
  • Bachelor degree of political sciences /Baghdad university 2007-2008
  • Degree in political sciences /international sciences /Baghdad university 2012.
  • Phd .degree in political sciences /international sciences 2019

Date of first appointment:

  • 30/12/2003 /center of Arabic gulf studies /Basrah
  • Date of reset : 23/5/2003 in the center of revival heritage /university of Baghdad

Scientific surnames :

  • Assist lecturer according administration order 2012



  • Manager of the center of Arabic gulf studies /university of Basrah 2001-2003
  • Manager of the center of revival heritage from2003-2008